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Welcome to McDonald Hearing Aid Center, where innovation and hearing solutions converge. This site is fully loaded with all of the information you would need to understand your hearing solutions.

Announcing our Newest Location: Midtown Sacramento

We have moved our Midtown Sacramento Location
  • After 10 years at the current Downtown Sacramento Location on X Street. WE have decided to move back to where it all started in 1944. The Original and First location of McDonald Hearing Aid Center, started on J Street in 1944. Actually, on 2001 J St in Sacramento. Then in 1980s the J street location was moved to K Street, which was a great location until we to move to X street in 2005.
  • After 10 years at the X street location, we decided to get back to our roots and move the location back to Midtown Sacramento and back to J street, where it all started.
  • Starting Monday February 8th, the NEW Midtown Sacramento Location will be open to all appointments and Walk-in are ALWAYS accepted.

The NEW Address is:
2825 J street Ste. 245, Sacramento, CA., 95816
Same phone Number: 916-444-5537

(Across the Street from Sutter Hospital, Same Building as Pucci's Pharmacy & Lyon Real Estate. Office is on Second Floor, there is a Connected Parking Garage and Complementary Validated Parking available with EVERY appointment)

Just Released!!! ATOM by Intela-Hear

Connect to People and Surroundings

  • The ATOM Series hearing devices work seamlessly with ALL Intela-Hear EZ-Link Accessories, so these hearing devices can connect with ANY Cell Phone brand, like Samsung, Android, Windows, Nokia, etc. These devices along with a EZ-Link TV adpator can seamlessly connect with any TV.
  • Seamless Connection with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Seamless Connection with ANY cell phone that runs Android operating system

Enjoy a Natural Hearing Experience
This new standard is accomplished by adding new and innovative technologies with the most advanced proprietary algorithms in the industry. These technologies and Intela-Hear’s approach to treating sound like the normal human ear, allows wears to receive clean, clear, rich, which produces high quality vibrant sound experience like it is meant to be heard “A Natural Hearing System”.

ATOM models

Introducing Our Spokesperson: Stan Atkinson

“I have a hearing problem just as more than 36 millions of Americans do. I chose to go to the best, and wasn’t disappointed! After some incredibly precise testing, McDonald’s wonderful staff prescribed 2 Intela-HeAr ATOM hearing aids. The value was great...and the results were remarkable. Anyone that is in the same predicament deserves to hear better. Do you want to know something else? ...now my family loves spending time with me even more!”

– Stan Atkinson

Stan Atkinson was a legendary Television News Reporter and Anchor for over 45 years. As well as someone that suffers from Hearing Loss, and is wearing Intela-HeAr ATOM hearing aids.

(paid spokesperson)

Radio Endorsements

Grant Napear, KHTK 1140 AM:

“I encourage everyone to get their hearing evaluated
for FREE at McDonald Hearing Aid Center.
I trust McDonald Hearing Aid Center, so should you!”

– Grant Napear

Grant is best known for his sports talk show on KHTK 1140 AM.

(paid spokesperson)

Tom Sullivan, FOX News:

(paid spokesperson)


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